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10/07/2014    Electronic Journal
Tabula Tames Verification
By Kevin Morris
10/01/2014    EE Times
Beyond programmability: full design observability at runtime
By Julien Happich
10/01/2014    EE Times
Tabula's DesignInsight Offers 100% Observability Into 3PLDs
By Max Maxfield
10/01/2014    New Electronics
Verification software provides real time look into Tabula’s chips
By Graham Pitcher
10/01/2014    ETN
Tabula: observera designen i realtid
By Per Henricsson
09/12/2014    New Electronics
Intel, Tabula build processing platform for next gen data centres
By Laura Hopperton
09/12/2014    SDN Central
Tabula’s ’3D’ FPGA Gets Into 100G Switches
By Craig Matsumoto
09/12/2014    EE Times
IDF: Tabula Unleashes Extreme 3PLD-Based Coms & Server Boards
By Max Maxfield
09/11/2014    Nikkei Industry News(Daily News Paper)
Unique 3 Dimensional PLD
09/11/2014    Semiconductor Industry News(Bi-weekly News Paper)
Tabula Shipping100G System, Developing for DC Collaboration with Intel

07/17/2013    IEEE Communications Magazine
Are We Ready for SDN-Implementation Challenges
By Sakir Sezer
06/07/2013    EDN
Tabula takes another step toward the quasi-ASSP
By Loring Wirbel
03/27/2013    EETimes
Tabula's 22nm 2GHz ABAX2 3PLDs set 100G industry benchmarks
By Max Maxfield
03/27/2013    Electronic Design
3D FPGA Takes On 100G Networking
By Bill Wong
03/27/2013    Electronics Weekly
Tabula to sample 22nm finfet 3D PLDs in Q3
By David Manners
03/27/2013    EETimes
Tabula preps time-sliced FPGAs on FinFET process
By Peter Clarke
03/27/2013    Electronic Journal
Design 100G With Tabula’s ABAX2 Or, Take the Red Pill
By Kevin Morris
03/27/2013    EETimes
Top 10 disruptive startup tech plays: Tabula #3
By Peter Clarke
03/27/2013    Swiss Gretler
Mit seiner Sammlung programmierbarer 100G-Lösungen
By Wirtschaft
03/27/2013    The Chemical Daily
US Tabula announces High Speed PLD using 22nm process
03/27/2013    Tech On
Tabula enters FPGA market with Intel 22nm process
By Masahide Kimura

09/27/2012    FOX Business
Top 3 'Next Big Thing' Start-ups of 2012
By Kate Rogers
09/27/2012    The Wall Street Journal
Looking for the 'Next Big Thing'? Ranking the Top 50 Start-Ups
09/26/2012    Business Journal
Here's 30 Bay Area startups pegged as 'Next Big Thing'
by Cromwell Schubarth
05/18/2012    Market Watch
Facebook debut sets pace for tech IPOs to come
By Rex Crum
05/09/2012    EE Times
Tabula’s ABAX 3PLDs are in the news
By Clive Maxfield
02/25/2012    Wall Street Journal
Startup Tabula Turns to Intel As Manufacturing Partner
By Don Clark
02/25/2012    New Electronics
Intel grants Tabula access to its fabs
By Chris Shaw
02/25/2012    EETimes
Intel confirmed as foundry for second FPGA startup
By Dylan McGrath
02/25/2012    FPGA Guru
Tabula leverages Intel 22-nm process for tri-gate-transistor FPGA
By Loring Wirbel
02/23/2012    WIRED
Intel Builds ‘Chip-to-Order’ Foundry Biz
By Ars Technica
02/23/2012    Tom’s hardware
Intel has sold 22nm manufacturing capacity to Tabula
by Douglas Perry
02/23/2012    The Verge
Intel inks deal to manufacture chips for outside designer Tabula
By Chris Welchon
02/23/2012    EETimes India
Intel to make chips for FPGA start-up Tabula
By Technical Staff
02/22/2012    PC Magazine
Intel Takes a 'Deliberate' Approach to New Foundry Effort
By Damon Poeter
02/22/2012    Extreme Tech
Intel becomes a foundry, offers up its 22nm process
By Sebastian Anthony
02/22/2012    SlashGear
Intel opens manufacturing to third parties with 22nm process
By Mark Raby
02/22/2012    Technology Eye
Tabula signs up for 22nm process
by Edward Berridge
02/21/2012    Elektronik Tidningen
Bekräftat: Intel tillverkar åt Tabula
By Per Henricsson
02/21/2012    Elektronik & Data
Intel skal producere chips for ny PLD-pioner
By Technical Staff
02/21/2012    XBit Labs
Intel to Manufacture Programmable Chips for Tabula
by Anton Shilov
Intel tests foundry waters
By Agam Shah
02/21/2012    Electronics Weekly
Intel adds another foundry customer – Tabula
By David Manners

10/19/2011    Electronic Journal
By Technical staff
10/18/2011    Tech-on
By Technical staff
10/18/2011    EETimes Japan
By Technical staff
10/18/2011    Yahoo Japan
By Technical staff
09/14/2011    ComputerWorld Magazine
Chip-level advances that may change computing
By Brian Nadel
07/01/2011    Green Futures Magazine
Chips for life, Consumer electronics built to last
By Jon Turney
06/30/2011    Fortune
10 largest VC deals of Q2
By Dan Primack
06/23/2011    The Chemical Daily P.4
Tabula launches a new Japanese office
06/22/2011    Electronicjournal
Tabula launches a new Japanese office
06/22/2011    Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun P.8
Tabula launches new office in Minato-ku,Tokyo
06/21/2011    Dempa Shimbun Daily P.4
Tabula launches new Japanese office
05/06/2011    The Wall Street Journal
The $108M, Swing-For-The-Fences Chip Investment
Scott Denne
04/15/2011    MIT Technology Review
Reprogrammable Chips Could Enable Instant Gadget Upgrades‎
by Tom Simonite
04/07/2011    Wall Street Journal
Chip Firm Gains $108 Million Infusion
By Don Clark
04/07/2011    Mercury News
Chipmaker Tabula nets $108 million venture capital deal‎
By Peter Delevett
04/07/2011    Light Reading
Tabula Gets $108M
By Craig Matsumoto
04/07/2011    EETimes
PLD startup Tabula snags $108M in funding
By Dylan McGrath
04/07/2011    FPGA Gurus
Tabula Crosses Viability Hurdle with Financial Infusion
By Loring Wirbel
04/07/2011    Business Journal
Tabula gets $108M in 4th-round funding
By Editorial Staff
04/07/2011    Wall Street Journal
Tabula Feeling Chipper With $108M
Venture Capital Dispatch
04/07/2011    EETimes
New 3PLD company Tabula secures $108 million in funding
By Clive Maxfield
03/28/2011    New Electronics
Semiconductor firm receives $108million for 3d programmable logic devices
By Laura Hopperton
03/28/2011    EETimes Europe
Tabula secures USD108 Million in series D
By Julien Happich
03/28/2011    Elektronik
Jätteinvestering i FPGA-utmanare
By Per Henricsson
03/28/2011    Elektronik & Data
Tabula får kæmpemæssigt økonomisk boost
By Lars Kristiansen
03/07/2011    EETimes Asia
Development kit accelerates 3PLD creation
by Vivek Nanda
02/17/2011    Electronic Design Magazine
Web-based Development Tools Target FPGA
By William Wong
02/15/2011    EDN, FPGA Journal
Tabula's Tools in the Cloud, Taming the Task of FPGA Design Support
By Kevin Morris
02/15/2011    EDN FPGA Gurus
Stylus software gives Tabula architecture a design legacy
By Loring Wirbel
02/15/2011    EETimes
Tabula releases Stylus design software for ABAX 3D FPGAs
By Clive Maxfield
02/15/2011    EETimes
New development kit for Tabula's ABAX 3D FPGAs
By Clive Maxfield
02/15/2011    EETimes Europe
Tabula takes 3D programmable logic sky-high with cloud-based EDA tool
By Julien Happich
02/15/2011    Elektronik
FPGA-uppstickare tar hjalp av molnet
By Per Henricsson

12/28/2010    Electronic Design Magazine
Expect More Cores, Less Power, And Faster Serial Links In 2011
By William Wong
09/09/2010    Electronic Design Magazine
Climb On Board Next-Generation FPGAs
By William Wong
07/05/2010    Elektronik Journal
Steven Haynes Joins Tabula
By Editorial Staff
07/05/2010    Chip Design Magazine
Steve Haynes Joins Tabula as VP Worldwide Sales
By Jim Kobylecky
06/22/2010    Elektronik Informationen
ICs in der dritten Dimension
By Henning Wriedt
06/22/2010    Elecrtonique June 2010
L'architecture Spacetime des FPGA de Tabula
By Editorial Staff
06/02/2010    EDN
A venerable CPU core meets a new FPGA
By Ron Wilson
05/31/2010    Electronics FPGA
Time Softens Logic
By Chris Edwards
ColdFire-32-bit-Cores kommen in FPGAs zum Einsatz
By Frank Riemenschneider
05/20/2010    EETimes
Tabula selects ColdFire for 32-bit architecture
By Dylan McGrath
05/20/2010    TechBites
Hurray ColdFire processor cores for tabulas new ABAX fpgas
By Clive "Max" Maxfield
05/20/2010    EEtimes Europe
Tabula to run the Freescale ColdFire V1 32-bit CPU core
By Julien Happich
05/19/2010    Electronic Product Design (UK)
Time gives logic new dimension
By Editorial Staff
05/13/2010    Prosessori Finland
3d-piirit mullistavat
By Editorial Staff
04/26/2010    TechBites
Another coup for the folks at new FPGA vendor Tabula
By Clive Maxfield
04/26/2010    PLD DesignLine
Former Xilinx sales VP joins startup Tabula
By EETimes Editorial Staff
04/16/2010    ElectroniqueS
L'architecture FPGA investit l'espace-temps
By Helene Trezeguet
04/14/2010    EETimes
Tabula Named to EE Times Silicon 60 Emerging Startups 2010
By EETimes Editorial Board
04/12/2010    Elektronik i Norden
Tredimensionella FPGA lyfter stillastaende marknad
By David Manners
04/02/2010    Silicon Valley Business Journal
Tabula takes on established programmable chip giants
By Ellen Lee
03/25/2010    electronic design
FPGAs Enter The Third Dimension
By William Wong
03/24/2010    Linley Group
Innovation Disrupts FPGA Duopoly
By Linley Group
03/24/2010    Linley Group
Tabula Time-Slices FPGA to Add Density
By Linley Group
03/24/2010    Forward Concepts Wireless/DSP Newsletter
Tabula's Novel 3D PLD Architecture Targets Wireless Infrastructure
By Will Strauss
03/23/2010    FPGA Journal
Tabula Gets Real, Launches ABAX 3D FPGA Family
By Kevin Morris
03/23/2010    Inside Chips
Tabula Featured Startup
By Steve Z. Szirom
03/22/2010    Electronic Product News
Logic Architecture is in 3D
By Editorial Staff
03/22/2010    Elektronik Informationen
Bauelemente / Programmierbare Logik
By Editorial Staff
03/21/2010    Elektroniktidningen
En billig varsting bland FPGA:er
By Per Henricsson
03/21/2010    Elektronik Journal
Auf in die vierte Dimension
By Editorial Staff
03/19/2010    ElectroniqueS
La logique programmable se lance dans la 3D
By Helene Trezeguet
03/16/2010    Wall Street Journal
Start-Ups Add Third Dimension to Chips
By Don Clark
03/15/2010    Tech Bites
Tabula launches ABAX FPGAs based on 3D Spacetime architecture
By Clive Maxfield
03/15/2010    Raymond James
PLD Industry Perspective - New and Intriguing Player Entering the Ring
By Hans Mosesmann, Andrew Banish
03/15/2010    EETimes
Tabula tips comms-oriented FPGA products
By Peter Clarke
03/15/2010    EDN Europe
Tabula discloses 4-chip family of novel-architecture FPGAs
By Editorial Staff
03/15/2010    EETimes Europe
Tabula launches the ABAX family of 3-D PLDs
By Julien Happich
03/15/2010    New Electronics
Tabula fleshes out fpga family details
By Graham Pitcher
03/15/2010    Components in Electronics
Tabula launches ABAX family of 3-D programmable logic devices
By ICs & Semiconductors
03/15/2010    New Electronics
Breaking the Mould
By Graham Pitcher
03/15/2010    The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Tabula launches first devices
By Chris Edwards
03/15/2010    Elektronik and Data
Programmerbar logik i tre dimensioner
By Lars Kristiansen
03/15/2010    Prosessori
Tabula hakkaa vanhat FPGA-piirit
By Veijo Ojanpera
03/15/2010    Elektronik
En billig varsting bland FPGA:er
By Per Henricsson
03/15/2010    Elektronik and Data
De forste Spacetime 3D-PLD'er er introduceret
By Editorial Staff
03/10/2010    Electronics Weekly
Spacetime architecture allows single chip to emulate 3D PLD
By Richard Wilson
03/02/2010    FPGA journal
The Spacetime Continuum
By Kevin Morris
03/01/2010    San Jose Mercury News
Santa Clara startup Tabula unveils new chip it calls 'groundbreaking'
By Scott Duke Harris
03/01/2010    VentureBeat | NYTimes
Tabula startup tries to go where many have failed in programmable chips
By Dean Takahashi
03/01/2010    EDN
Tabula FPGAs: this one could be game-changing
By Ron Wilson
03/01/2010    EETimes
3-D architecture promises new type of PLD
By Dylan McGrath
03/01/2010    Light Reading
Startup Applies Spacetime to FPGAs
By Craig Matsumoto
03/01/2010    EETimes
Tabula tips time-share FPGA architecture
By Peter Clarke
03/01/2010    EETimes India
Novel 3D PLD with time dimension to replace FPGAs
By Vivek Nanda
03/01/2010    EDN Europe
Reconfiguring figures in FPGA programmes for 2010
By Graham Prophet
03/01/2010    EETimes Asia
Startup breaks out with 3D PLDs
By Vivek Nanda
03/01/2010    EETimes Europe
Tabula introduces 3-dimensional Spacetime programmable logic architecture
By Julien Happich
03/01/2010    Institution of Engineering and Technology
Tabula takes time for logic density boost
By Chris Edwards
03/01/2010    ElectronicsWeekly
Tabula moves closer to first FPGAs with 3D interconnect
By Richard Wilson
03/01/2010    Elektroniktidningen in Sweden
Super FPGA
By Adam Edstrom
03/01/2010    Electronics
Logic goes soft to save power and money
By Chris Edwards
03/01/2010    Chris Edwards
Tabula trades space for time
By Chris Edwards
03/01/2010    New Electronics
FPGA uses time as third dimension to boost performance
By Graham Pitcher
03/01/2010    Prosessori
Tabula lupaa mullistaa ohjelmoitavan logiikan
03/01/2010    Elektronik & Data in Denmarkctronics
Programmerbar logik
Elektronik & Data in Denmark